What the papers say – November 1

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The papers are led by backlash to the Home Secretary’s “alarming” rhetoric on the migrant crisis.

The Daily Mail says Suella Braverman has warned the asylum system is “broken”, with the Channel migrant crisis “out of control”.

However some of her comments have been met with backlash, as The Guardian, The Times, i and The Independent report Cabinet members took issue with her rhetoric, which included describing the scale of migrants arriving in the UK as an “invasion”.

Metro leads with a report exposing the “appalling” conditions suffered by 4,000 asylum seekers in a facility in Kent which was built to contain 1,500.

The Home Secretary is “desperately” clinging to her job amid the saga, according to the Daily Mirror.

Elsewhere, The Telegraph and Daily Express lead with the Prime Minister drawing up plans to increase taxes for everyone in the country in a bid to fill a £50 billion hole in public finances.

The Sun reports Netflix has ignored a plea from the Prince of Wales not to exploit Diana, Princess of Wales’ Panorama interview in The Crown.

And the Daily Star says MPs are enjoying 30C offices while Britons “shiver”.

Jersey Evening Post