Seymour Tower

Seymour Tower

Built in 1792, the Tower has been well appointed to accommodate visiting guests. Spread over two floors with cooking facilities and wood burning stove on the ground floor and the bunk room on the upper floor with a basic chemical toilet.

There are six bunks in the upper room for which we recommend you bring sleeping bags and pillows, with a separate room for your guide on the ground level. Whilst the facilities are basic, there is solar power for lighting and the fridge and gas for the cooker.

Seymour Tower has no running water, but drinking water is provided along with logs for the wood burning stove. Guests are required to carry all their food, clothes and sleeping bags out to the Tower. In addition all waste (including bagged toilet waste) will need to be brought back and disposed of on shore.

Accommodating up to seven people plus your guide, Seymour Tower offers a truly unique experience. Standing on a rocky outcrop off the south-east tip of Jersey's National Park in an internationally recognised RAMSAR wetlands site, the Tower offers guests the ultimate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the main land. It’s perfect for anyone looking for adventure; use it as a base for low water fishing, guided walks at low tide or bird watching.
Each group staying at Seymour Tower has their own personal guide who stays with you throughout and arranges the best access times and will tell you about the unique flora and fauna whilst you trek across the mars-type landscape when the tide is low. During your stay you can watch the incoming tide from the parapet as it rushes through the surrounding gullies.


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