emporia Brings Easy Mobiles to Seniors in Jersey

emporia Telecom, a leader in the easy mobile sector is expanding its device offering to cover the British Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man in a retail partnership with network operator Sure. Older residents of these islands will now have a wider range of 4G mobile phones available to them that are tailored to their specific needs.

Sure is listing a pair of emporia’s easy-to-use 4G VoLTE feature phones; the emporiaJOY LTE and emporiaSIMPLICITY LTE, to enable the 31,000 residents aged +65yrs of Jersey and Guernsey to benefit from a new generation of easy-to-use devices. This launch tackles the issues that many older users will face as 3G networks are switched off – allowing those who rely on easy mobiles, to transition away from 3G devices, and benefit from improved coverage with superior sound quality.

emporia develops, designs and manufactures easy-to-use devices specifically tailored to address the needs of the elderly consumer, with over three decades of experience in this area. All emporia’s feature phones have enlarged buttons and intuitive user interfaces. They include a wide range of functions designed to create an accessible and easy-to-use experience. Every device comes with a printed training book – allowing people to learn stress-free and at their own pace.

The emporiaJOY LTE is a flip phone presented in a matt black finish with silver detailing. The device includes a 2MP camera, extra-large illuminated and raised keys and a large 2.8” main screen. When closed, the external screen displays caller ID along with time and date for easy access to information.

Available from Sure Guernsey with a free case here for £90 or from £3/month.

Available from Sure Jersey with a free case here for £95 or from £3/month.

The emporiaSIMPLICITY LTE is a bar handset. Its tapered form factor and soft-touch finish allow for confident handling and the large, raised keys offer defined pressure points. Its loud and clear sounds, extra-large fonts and charging cradle remove many of the barriers-to-use for older people as seen with most conventional handsets.

Available from Sure Guernsey here, for £72 or from £2.25/month.

Available from Sure Jersey here for £75 or from £2.25/month.

Mike Fawkner-Corbett Head of Consumer at Sure comments: “No matter what our age, we’re all living increasingly digital lives. So being able to offer our older customers new easy-to-use phones that are 4G compatible is extremely important as we want to be able to service everyone’s needs effectively in our island community.


At Sure, we’ve invested in the best technology for customers and 4G VoLTE is our standard. We have been looking for more senior-friendly devices carrying this technology for a while, so to offer two new handsets with improved connectivity will be well received by our customers.”

Chris Millington, Managing Director at emporia UK & Ireland adds: “Many people, right across the UK will soon find their 3G devices are obsolete. It is important that we expand our offering to provide quality 4G VoLTE devices to all users who are not yet ready, or maybe unable, to transition to a smartphone. We are giving access to easy mobiles for all Brits regardless of their age or location.”